About Us

How did I get the idea?

In 2016 I was introduced with my first Nikon camera, and that was the first time I really felt like I was on a right path. I liked art and crafts but I never really thought about creating art myself. Photography is absolutely the same as writing and singing and painting, except, you do not create the beauty, you just capture it. Every single memory, every feeling, every thought, you trap it in a small piece of paper that is far more valuable than you think. You make it memorable. And later on you let the memories make you.
I find it very difficult to express myself with my own words and thoughts and that is why I started photographing; Because this way I can impress myself without expressing myself.
It was one of the best decisions of my life, the most life framing, day shaping decisions. There is not a thing I would change about nature and about the human being. You may all think that the only thing that a camera can capture is a face. But it really captures the soul, the facial expressions, the feeling. It can bring you back and take you far away in the future. But most importantly it made me live in the present because I was always concentrated on portraying what was right in front of me.

How did I come up with the name?

Gravity photos you read, and the first thing on your mind is wait what? Why gravity photos? Do they resist gravity or what?
The truth behind the name is really intriguing. While I was taking photos one day of my hometown and the most high mountain in it, it just hit me. I can not resist it. I could not just stop and say: ,,No, Matej, this is enough for today!”. It was about 7ish pm and I was there since 9 am which makes it approximately 10 hours.
When we think about gravity we usually associate it with Newton or an apple, but when I think about gravity I think about something we all can not resist. It just isn’t possible. Gravity is the only reason why we don’t live in complete chaos.
And so was my photography. It was the only thing that I could not, and did not resist. The only thing except gravity of course.

Contact us

This information is just because I want to keep in touch with you guys, because mutually we can inspire and help each other.
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I look forward in meeting new people who love to make the best of their day and capture the moment, so that we can make the best day to other people together.