The unusual and unique

Nature is something wonderful and not nearly enough explored. There are some processes that are maybe explained with evidence and detail, but the thought of it itself makes it crazy and intriguing at the same time. Like, for example the rainbow. We all know that the rain reflects and all, but can you really imagine that process in your head? The way the colors just form, so elegantly and quickly. Like, the storm. The thunder and rain and lightning. The wind and cold and warm all again? Can you really picture the forming of gold, and the way our lungs transform oxygen into carbon dioxide? The way our pupil reducess with just a hint of light? The fact that sunset on Mars is blue?

Can you really imagine the way the bee makes food for us out of flowers? Talking about magic…

Maybe many of you won’t even bother to finish the text let alone think about my questions, but those of you who do, tell me, what do you think about when you think about magic, and uniqueness, and symbols, and hidden messages?

Do you believe in life on other planets, or maybe other galaxies? Do you believe in mythical creatures and about why people invented them if they weren’t really real? Do you believe in love, and compromise and hard work? Don’t you think about how music is magical? People just thought about combining notes and putting them together in a perfect melody suitable for every single situation that ever existed. How is that possible? How did people invent the traffic light system? How did people know that if you mix two substances another one forms? How did people invent all of the languages and all of the words in the world? How does a baby recognize it’s mother with just one look? How do you recognize the universe’s signals and signs that you seek when a question appears? How do you explain the déjà vu and the dreams and the predictions? What do you say to yourself at night when vulnerability kicks in?