As you already know, one of the reasons I started photography is nature indeed. I am just satisfied with the way everything is formed. The world we live in is a mystery. It is a place where life is created from stardust and love. A force so strong it exists just by floating in the air in the middle of a galaxy we know almost nothing about. The people and animals and plants and insects are all a little galaxy too. We can create life, and save lives, and bring almost any feeling into ourselves and others. We have a power so great, yet so usual.

This butterfly made me think about all the ways her wings can be decorated. Her wings are exceptional themselves. They hide a great potential to just spread, and fly anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Such freedom and energy lies in two perfectly formed curves. You get inspired just by looking at it’s grace and elegance. It made me explore more about the meaning of her wings. It is called a royal butterfly. And now I know why. Some butterflies are cute and summer oriented. Others are soft and fragile. But this creature hides a different type of beauty. We say we don’t believe in aliens, or mermaids, or even love. But aren’t all of the other creatures aside from humans, some kind of aliens to us? They have wings, and little tiny legs. All 6 of them. They are some kind of miracle.

The way their love spreads towards the flower they land on. The way they dance in the wind. The way they just exist is a miracle. When you look at this butterfly what do you really see? Do you see just a wonderful creature with the gift to fly? Or do you see a little insect so fragile and small. Or you don’t even stop and look deeper. So, tell me. Do you pay attention to detail?

Don’t forget that life is consisted of small but meaningful moments. And sometimes, a creature so weak and small can make a difference. Oh, so big and life changing. You just have to let yourself see.