“Look deep into this garden. Into this wonderful world of living creatures that express themselves as they just exist. What power and exceptional beauty that must be, for something so simple, yet so complicated, to leave such an impression on a living thing.” Those were the words my friend told me many years ago as we were sitting in her home drinking tea. It was one of those simple summer sunsets filled with compassion and gratefulness.

The flower only attracts, it does not whisk you in. The bee can simply not resist the sweet smell of a morning wildflower. It comes along and worships it’s beauty by producing something nearly so sweet as his feeling right then and there. The spider’s sowing skills get better and better any time he just comes near two strong standing daisies. The home is not a home without the smell of lilac in spring and summer. A childhood is not really a childhood if you didn’t get stabbed in a cactus.

A flower can be many things. It can indicate love, by standing under a mistletoe, a lover by looking into a violet, romance, by looking into a rose. It can be a thank you for everything gift. It can be a gift for making someone’s day better. It can mean: “ I’m sorry”. It can say: “Get better soon”. It can mean: “ Congratulations”… It can speak without saying a word, really. It can say so many beautiful things. Once I read a poem that said: “Give me a flower into a flowerpot, so I can watch life grow, not die”. It made me think about everything, really. The selfishness of the human race. It’s power to just destroy. A flower can mean a lot of things, but the real feeling for me, is the meaning of LIFE.

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