This was one of the first images that I ever took. One of the many reasons why I actually started photography – nature. The beauty of nature. I didn’t really know at the time how to capture what I really see in this creature’s eyes. Such power, and strength. His fierce look cut deep through me and gave me the feeling like there is a reason behind it. Was it a way for the bird to communicate with every other species, and give them a bold message for them not to threat him. Or was it maybe, his way of saying: “You should feel threatened”. Either way he was really good at expressing his thoughts and feelings towards the world. A skill so powerful only a few knew how.

On the other hand, his colorful feathers show nothing less than a friendly wave telling you it is perfectly safe for you to come and say hi. Or a way of showing someone that he is a lot of fun. Just like saying: “If you come with me, the adventure awaits”. This bird right here is a mix of both sweet and sour. A combination that might just be a cocktail of words and expressions it cannot show in any other way. And I admired him so. His great deal of friendly disaster. His strong and cute looks all at once were not the only reason that I took this photo. I feel as if when people see deep into somebody’s eyes they usually see themselves.

So here and now I want to ask you a question. What do you see in his look? Boldness? Fear? Love? What is the one emotion that just flies in your mind? If the eyes are a reflection, and that reflection is us, what conclusion can you get from it?

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