Street Light

When you decide to go on a journey you always think about the essentials, like clothes and food and a phone charger. You pack the biggest bag you have even though you are going on a 3 day trip.You tend to leave your problems at your home, and take a camera so you can capture moments. You tend to think about what is going to happen when you get there. You tend to make plans and imagine scenarios.

But what you fail to think, is the road itself. When I was taking this photo I was thinking about that. I was thinking about the meaning of the journey. In life, we only have one destination which is for sure. But life as it is, is like a road trip filled with all kinds of moments. We are doing our daily chores, and we get to stuck up in our little world with big big problems. What we forget to think about, is about the meaning of life. We fail to think about the present because we are too concentrated about the past or future.

We fail to be just happy with what we have. We are looking for a way to earn more money, but when that money is more important to somebody else in need we just look the other way. We are looking for a way to pass an exam, but we fail to seek for knowledge. We are too busy posting a perfect life on social media, that we forget that life is perfect just as it is – without photoshop. So, tell me. What do you see looking at this photo? A beautiful sunset, or a boring highway?

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