The escape.

The escape

How do you feel when you look at this photo? What do you notice first? Who did you think about while looking? Do you see the resemblance between your answers and your inner thoughts?

Personally, when I look at this photo I see infinity. I see something deep and wide. Something unexplored and mystical. I notice the colors of the sky and the sea. The way the colors reflect and form a similar surface. I feel at ease with life, like every problem and thought will come to an end. I feel calm and collected. I feel as if time has stopped.

Do you have a place you can go to when you are tired and sad? Or is this place a person? If not, which way do you choose to get rid of negativity? Do you paint, or sing, or do DIY ideas from you tube? Do you write, or read, or dance? Do you cry, and scream, and break? Do you communicate with a loved one? Do you listen to music? Some of you may wonder why is this essential and needed. Some of you just know the place or person or way and none of these questions seem strange to you.

From my experience, we are all facing life in a different way. We are all going through such different things. We are even going through the same things in a different way. But we must learn to have a place, or a person, or a hobby, anything at all, that takes that pain away and turns it into something beautiful and worthy. The ESCAPE, I call it. Something that helps us connect with ourselves again. Something that teaches us that everything can be fixed. Something that shows us that everything will be okay at some point in life. Something that directs us in the right path, or something that creates a new path, a new way.

So, tell me, what makes you happy? That is your escape.