The Phases

How often do you just stare at the sky when the sun is rising? How often do you enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset? How often do you just randomly take a look at the stars at night? And most importantly, what do you see when you are looking?

Do you see yourself? Your inner most thoughts, and dreams. Fears and hopes. Do you see someone you miss? Do you see a place that once made you happy? Or maybe a certain place in time? Or are you just overwhelmed by the moment, so you can not resist to be happy overall? Usually, at night, just as we do in life, we search for light in the darkness. The moon is the brightest spot on the infinite horizon we call sky.

We look up to her, to see not only her light and guidance, but to see and feel her power. Her power consists of the possibility to change a few times in such a small period of time. It completes a full cycle that influences not only our thoughts, but our hearts too. We can actually relate our life with her endless turns of death and life.

Just as the moon, we as well go through phases in our life. We change on a daily basis and we can’t even notice because we are too busy spotting a difference in someone else. There are times when we fell small, almost invisible. There are times when we are visible, but not visible enough to make a difference in somebody’s life, or in the world, or in our world… There are times when we feel like we are split apart in two, like there is something missing. There are times when we just feel like there are two people inside of us, and they are just too equally present which is terrifying because we know that both parts can win equally. And there are those times, those rare moments when we feel complete. Like we are in love with life and at peace with the surroundings.

Just like the moon, we have our phases too. Sometimes we notice the change and sometimes we don’t. But we never stop growing. Our death can mean our birth at the same time. Our life can come to an and as well. But in between, we just go with the flow, and hope for the best. Why? Because we already know that everything changes, but what is meant to be, will eventually happen.

So next time you are just taking a walk, stop for a moment and look at the sky. What do you see now?