The Road

Life is something like traveling and taking road trips. You never really know what awaits, and what will come. You never really know how your plans can change. You never really realize when you are changing. But suddenly you just wake up one day and you are in love with the feeling. Whatever feeling you thought about. You are suddenly at peace. And you are chaotic again.

As we go through life there are so many roads that we are facing. They could be rather simple, like the road from our home to school, or to our best friend’s house. They could be from our home town, to a new, unexplored city nearby. Whatever road you thought about while reading the first sentence, we know one thing for sure – that that road brings with itself new, adventurous feelings and memories.

Travel is the one thing we buy that makes us richer, they say. And we all know that this is true. When you come back from even a little trip there are a few things you will realize. You can see a different, more positive person, when you look in the mirror. For once, you just look at yourself and you see much more than all the flaws you keep searching every day. You see BEYOND the surface.

You feel at ease with all your problems, because you finally realize that everything is fixable and flexible. You see that every plan you made for the journey, suddenly doesn’t come true, but you are happy because you had an even better time not planning every detail. You just learn to LET GO. You come into your little cozy home, in your small bedroom and just look at how perfect it is, even if the wall has a little mark of your clumsiness, and the floor is decorated with clothes you haven’t come around washing. You just APPRECIATE everything you have more.

Whatever you ever choose, just know this one thing – everything happens for a reason, and there is no wrong road. There is only adventure and unpredictability.