Winter is coming!!

Well, I do not know where you guys live, but from where I come from, winter is a every year thing through the months of October, November, December, January and February. But the sad thing is that I live in a city and I work hard, so I can afford me the time to go somewhere in the woods to just relax and warm up to the fireplace and drink tea or wine. But this year, I decided that life is short and I want to live it to the maximum, so I packed my bags, took my enthusiasm and went in a beautiful place nearby.

As I sat there looking through the window, I started thinking about life. All these years I don’t know what was really stopping me from doing this before. I was so caught up in everyday life that I forgot to just stop for a while and breathe. Appreciate the snow and everything I have.

While I was in my car once, running late for work, there was snow everywhere, so I just started getting more and more nervous that the road was slippery and that I was going to be super late because of that. The truth is, the snow was not the problem. I slept in, because I stayed up late, and was going to be late anyways. We never just stop, do we? We never just breathe and take things slow.

We never just let everything be. Do we? What did you think about while reading this? All of the thing you always wanted to do but never really got around doing because of chores and responsibilities, my guess. So what are you really waiting for? That better job? That raise ant work? The month of June? You thoughts? What? You are your own biggest enemy. So stop pulling yourself back, and start letting yourself dream. Start living.